Gender Integration in Innovation, Who do we do the favor for?

To Camila and Natalia my reason to innovate and change the world.

All my life I have lived surrounded by powerful, reckless, innovative women; of those that make things happen at all costs, from whom “sweetly invited” me to eat vegetable soup as a child, until the one who invented his parents the story of a weekend with the neighbor in front to end up really taking an airplane to visit me a thousand kilometers away.

You will understand my surprise when the organizations ask me if they should include more women in the innovation teams or when I read in public transport “Reserved areas for women” and I realize that the road is still long; We talk about the problem of gender differences, when the true paradigm is to think that gender differences are a problem.

In innovation processes, it is proven that the integration of diverse teams in gender ensures advantages; however, despite knowing it, in our infinite stupidity we think that we do our innovators a favor by including them in our work teams, when it is exactly quite the opposite.

At this point they will be thinking that I am trying to ingratiate myself with women executives and entrepreneurs, do not get confused, I am a capitalist of innovation and I need them to change the world as quickly as possible, but that will only happen if we work together, focusing our energy in developing talent in gender diversity instead of wasting time cataloging and reserving spaces obligatorily.

Only when we do our work correctly; will we talk soon in the organizations about innovation and not gender quotas and in public transport there will be signs of intelligent spaces and not pink seats for women.

BIZLAC LATAM Juan Garfias Partner Specialist in Innovation.  #INNOVAGARFIAS

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