If you want to change the world, start by adjusting your weekly Schedule.


In Innovation as in life, discipline is surely the most underestimated skill by people, teams and organizations. The paradigm of innovative magic and the force of the “decree” as a lever for changes in the universe is, even today in the time of the Internet of Things, recurrent.

Why in innovative ecosystems teams of people with little knowledge of methodologies and tools can get ahead of highly trained teams in the latest innovation methodologies, the answer is one of the things that keeps me passionate about the subject; Effort always beats talent when talent does not strive.

To manage the changes in our organizations, I recommend that we use an inverted pyramid; ensure many personal agendas with intentional spaces for innovative initiatives instead of designing a portfolio of organizational innovation that has no place in the agendas of our collaborators.

It is very important to differentiate the strategy to generate a culture of organizational innovation that generates innovative projects within our organizations.

In my experience it is worth starting the effort by generating “Tunnel Innovation” that is, a small portfolio of initiatives directed and inserted in the agendas of a group of people that ensure that things happen, and then move forward in a massive management of changes led and aligned as a culture of organizational innovation.

In collaborative innovation structuring the innovation ecosystem and aligning the elements that make it up properly to generate results is the task of organizational leaders, the discipline of managing the weekly agenda to include and conclude innovation initiatives is the responsibility of the innovative teams , the sum of these efforts is the lever that generates profitable innovation.

Let’s strive for our innovative talent until it affects our weekly agendas, then and only then will magic become hard indicators.

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